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Prompt support and regular follow-ups.

Anyone can be affected by a mental health problem.

It is important to recognize the signs and symptoms indicative of the presence of psychological distress.

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Dr. Miresco holds a degree in neurosurgery from the Faculty of Medicine of McGill University and has practiced the profession for many years. He practiced as a psychiatrist at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal for 14 years, and also held the position of Director of External Services in the Department of Psychiatry for 4 years.

He has extensive experience treating adults with mood disorders, anxiety, depression and ADHD.

For him, it is essential to establish a relationship of trust, non-judgment and open-mindedness with his patients.

Nous ne laissons pas vos traitements entre les mains de quelqu’un de moins expérimenté.

Your mental health cannot be put on hold.

Privamed offers the opportunity to consult an experienced Psychiatrist.

  • When your emotions, behaviours or thoughts cause you to distress and harm one or more of your spheres of life, it's time to turn to professional support.  
  • At PrivaMED, collaborate with dedicated and competent professionals who will not only listen to you attentively but who will take the time necessary to get to know you in order to better adapt the care to your needs.

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A psychiatrist who listens to your discomfort: Dr. Miresco

Vous travaillez fort pour votre argent. Et elle mérite d’être investie à la hauteur de
vos attentes.

Laissez quelqu’un fraîchement sorti des bancs d’école ‘’faire ses devoirs’’ sur votre
visage? Jamais.

C’est pour cela que lorsque vous travaillez avec nous, vous travaillez avec nous.

Nous prendrons toujours la responsabilité d’administrer les traitements.

Il nous semble tout à fait injuste pour nous de céder nos sièges lorsque les patients qui traversent notre porte compte sur nous pour faire de leurs rêves et leurs espoirs une réalité.

Qui plus est, nous aimons notre travail et voulons continuer à le faire le plus longtemps possible.

Se contenter du minimum? On n’y croit pas. Et vous ne devriez pas non plus.

En particulier lorsqu’il s’agit de votre beauté.

Donc, si vous êtes prêt à démarrer l’aventure avec nous, il suffit de cliquer sur le bouton ci-dessous afin d’entamer les prochaines étapes du processus.

Listening to your needs and earning your full trust. This is our priority.

Great service. Very competent staff. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a doctor.

- Jean L. (Recommendation from Google)

Excellent service et très professionnel!

Je recommande fortement de travailler avec Tatiana et Vitalie!

- Cristina.

Words fly away. The writings remain.

Tatiana et Vitalie, merci beaucoup pour votre excellent travail!

Je suis très satisfaite de votre approche et du niveau d'attention aux détails. Je vous recommanderai à toutes mes amies! 

- Elena

An innovative method of care

Dr. Miresco uses a method called ''evidence-based care'' which allows patients to share rich and detailed clinical information even before their first appointment.

This method allows your psychiatrist to have a more personalized approach from the first meeting.

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It is a good private clinic where the service is personalized and welcoming. My doctor who is very meticulous and vigilant. I feel well cared for and supported.

- Eve R. (Recommendation from Google)

At Clinique PrivaMED, we understand that your time, just like your well-being, is precious.

Without ever compromising our promise to offer you quality care, our virtual psychiatry service has been designed for you:

  • Quick and easy appointment booking;
  • Personalized and optimized consultation with competent professionals;
  • Offer of varied services with multiple possible combinations.


At the PrivaMED Brossard clinic

At the PrivaMED Boucherville clinic

By appointment between 8H00 to 16H30

PrivaMED's VIRTUAL PSYCHIATRY clinic services include:

Timely care, evaluation and follow-up (with or without referral);

  • ADHD;
  • Mood disorder;
  • Anxiety, Anxiety, Phobias;
  • Depression;
  • Bipolar disorder;
  • Post-traumatic stress;
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder;

Price: 675$ (Initial assessment) & 250$ (Follow-up).

(Additional charges may apply for non-subscribers.)